HAVC 138: Modern Architecture, 1880-1968

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Course Description

This course examines architecture beginning in the latter part of the 19th century and traces the modern movement and its influences through the 1960s. While focusing on buildings and writings associated with the modern movement, this course will consider the social, political and aesthetic consequences of the theoretical and ideological positions proposed by urban planners, architects and designers. Through slide lectures, readings and discussions, we will focus on issues concerning style, technology, urbanism, the role of the architect and the political and social implications of the modern movement. While dealing primarily with architectural developments in Europe and the United States, the class will also examine the spread of modernism to Asia and Central and South America.

This course aims to give students a comprehensive understanding of architectural developments in the 20th century to broaden their understanding of the historical influences and consequences that have contributed to our contemporary understanding of the field of architecture.

INSTRUCTOR: Mahlon W.L. Chute