HAVC 191I: Topics in Architecture - Tourism Imaginaries

University of California, Santa Cruz

Duane Hansen, Tourists II,
Fiberglass and Mixed Media with accessories, Life size (1970)


Course Description

This seminar explores imaginaries of place, destination, and travel, with specific interest in the social production and diffusion of spaces of tourism, and the reception and consumption of images and environments.

During seminar meetings students will consider the social, political, and aesthetic consequences of tourism on built environments, the identity of tourists, the 'tourist gaze', ceremonies of travel, and cultural contact, as well as types of tourism, including vacation travel, dark tourism, sex tourism, and others. We will begin with an introduction to tourism studies and methods, and then apply and critique these methods against case studies in research on built environments and visual cultures.

INSTRUCTOR: Mahlon W.L. Chute

Course Poster (.pdf file)

Note: This seminar was the result of continued research following HAVC 106G: Tourism and the Built Environment in the United States and inspired by the UC Berkeley/Paris-Sorbonne Conference “Tourist Imaginaries/Imaginaires Touristiques” held at UC Berkeley, 18-20 February, 2011.